APRIL 2024 T/TH 6pm Francis Park Outdoor Boot Camp

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Shark Fitness Training Boot Camp - Since 2000!

Shark Fitness Training has been a leader in the boot camp fitness industry for civilians and military personnel for more than 20 years.

EARN RESULTS. Sharks average 10 years in the program because it works! Led by the world’s greatest trainers and used by military personnel around the world, we are, simply put, the best.

Our classes start very promptly and ask that Clients arrive early to drop off their keys and pick-up their resistance bands. Clients should arrive well nourished, hydrated, dressed appropriately for the weather with water and a mat or towel if preferred. The class will start with a short jog, stretches and calisthenics designed to get the body ready to work.

Each class is different. Clients perform a variety of strength and endurance challenges along with calisthenics that addresses all areas of the body equally. The two primary focuses of the program is hard work and attention to detail in regards to training technique. Timed sets and three different levels of resistance bands are used to allow each person to genuinely train at their best level without competing or comparing themselves to other clients.

Our Clients average over 10 years in the program and they are the true reason behind our success by creating an outstanding supportive environment for new trainees. The class will feel overwhelming as you start, as any professional training program should. Results have to be earned and it certainly isn’t easy. When you are ready to train professionally by people who genuinely care about your success, Shark Fitness Training is the obvious choice.

NOTE MEETING LOCATION! Class meets T/TH from 6pm - 7pm and meets ACROSS FROM 6445 NOTTINGHAM at Francis Park. This session runs during the month of April.

From March well into December we train outdoors – in the heat, the cold, the wind and the rain and still earn results. We believe that training in less than ideal conditions builds character and a fitness mindset.

You must bring your own resistance bands and you will be responsible for holding on to your keys during class (we recommend a carabiner on your water bottle or a key belt) and bringing your own bug spray if you use it.

If you need to purchase a set of bands (1 red, 1 blue, 1 black), purchase them here - https://bit.ly/SFTRB3. You will get a 20% Shark discount + a FREE door attachment

The price for the session is $117 ($13/class).